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At J. Nakamura Law, APC, we provide the following legal services.

Living Trust

Anyone with assets over the probate amount of $184,500 should create a trust to avoid the costly, timely and argument inducing court process of probate.

Trust Administration

When an individual passes away with a trust, the Successor Trustee will need to retain an attorney to properly administer the decedent’s trust to the trust beneficiaries. This includes legal notices that begin the statutory time frame to administer the trust.

Trust Amendment

A revocable living trust allows the Trustor to amend his/her trust. Throughout our lifetime, many changes occur such as births, deaths, marriage and divorce. When a major life change occur, a revocable living trust allows you to amend the trust to account for recent changes.


When an individual passes away without a trust and the estate is valued over $184,500 the decedent’s estate will need to petition the probate court to appoint an Administrator to administer the decedent’s estate.

Personal Injury

Auto collisions and related injuries occur everyday, all day. If you happen to find yourself not at fault and injured, you may have a personal injury claim.

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J. Nakamura Law, APC is owned and operated by Jennifer A. Nakamura. The corporation was recently formed in January 2023 with a primary focus in estates matters & probate. Always aiming to compassionately assist with protecting clients' future legacy. Currently serving the communities of Los Angeles and Orange County. In these uncertain times, my ultimate goal is to protect these communities from probate and to effectively administer their estate to their desired beneficiaries with no judgment.

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